I have recently discovered this technique, The Pomodoro Technique, which basically is setting a 25 min timer and focus on just one task. I tried it with the Lectures that I have been putting on pending since 3 weeks, so there was quite a build up of lectures that I had to catch up on. Just thinking about watching so many gave me anxiety/mental pain, so I was just avoiding it, avoiding attending weekly classes as well because it would mean getting admonished by professor for not coming prepared.

I started doing the technique at 12:40 am, pretty late I know, but I slept in the evening so it was fine. During the first 25 min, I got distracted easily by mobile phone’s screen lighting up. For which I decided to put my phone screen down, that helped. I only got one 10 min lecture down in first 25 min.

credits: https://www.ntaskmanager.com/blog/best-pomodoro-apps/

The next interval was easier although I kept staring at the WhatsApp web logo, it notified that I had 2 unread messages. I closed it in the 5 min break afterwards. I got 2 10-min lectures down in this interval.

By the third time I was very much focused on getting the rest 5 lectures done, and I had gotten partially rid of most of distractions. It was nice to listen and read the notes and understand them the first time around, without having to chastising myself and calling myself dumb. I got 3 lectures done in the thir time, one was a 5 min lecture.

By fourth time I was able to cover all the lectures with an adequate understanding of the concepts, of course I need to go through them once more to comprehend them fully, but at least I started! I was sleepy and wanted to chat with friends, I restrained myself and I am proud of myself for succeeding!

I am feeling quite at ease right now, I finally had the prep to attend a class after almost a month of bunking classes. I am up to date with all my courses, for the first time in a while. And I can start on the assignment without dreading it, which is due this Monday. Yayy!

I am going to use this technique again, whenever I feel there is an insurmountable task. Instead of letting the panic monster take care of my evasive nature, I will use Pomodoro instead and just get it over with the task at hand.

Physics enthusiast , hoping to get somewhere with my enthusiasm.